180° Snorkel Mask

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Our 180° Snorkel Mask is the perfect fit for you, with optimal snorkel length for maximum air-flow, and refined lens shape for unmatched underwater visibility! The mask allows you to breathe through your nose or mouth while in the water to help you focus on your experience rather than your equipment. The dual elastic comfort strap system is completely adjustable, allowing you to personalize your mask for the perfect fit. Our innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing area and helps resist fogging.

The durable silicone insert creates a comfortable watertight seal that will keep you snorkeling all day. Any water that does get in simply drains out the one-way chin valve when you tilt your head back.

Maintaining the highest product standards, we have meticulously tested and designed this mask for optimal performance, using only high-grade materials.

Full Set included: 1x Snorkel Mask; 1x detachable Snorkel Tube; 1x Premium Black Marlin Sport Packaging Bag; 1x Mobile Phone Water Proof Bag.

Black Marlin Sports provides professional Products to ensure your experience, enjoy the water&summer!